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Environmental Education and Capacity Building Division (EECBD)

EECBD has been working in the northeast region of India since inception of Aaranyak, 1989. The division (program) deals with different targets groups- students, youth, teachers, journalists, policy makers, film makers, common people, NGO workers and as well as others stakeholders and target audiences with its various environmental activities. We believe ‘education’ is an essential and most effective tool to ensure conservation and protection of ecological resources and environment of a site. The division has been trying for total ‘Ecological Literacy’ of the Northeast region. Presently, the division is working with the vision for a region where people are ecologically literate, wildlife and environment are secured.


  • To make people ecologically literate.
  • To build up an environment where conservation is being assured by public.
  • To develop scientific temperament among younger generation and to motivate for research on wildlife and environment.
  • To promote research based conservation education to address environmental issues of the NE region of India.
  • To enhance and academic support in environmental education of academic institutions when and where necessary.

Considering the needs of the region the divisions have been organizing various programs on different issues and also developed various issue-based programs, module, and educational materials etc. The well trained and experienced educators are doing well to achieve these objectives. Already the program has successfully built up good rapport with various environmental organizations, academic institutions, government department, local communities as well as individuals and other institutions. We believe in active people participation and collaborative efforts for the well being of wildlife and environment.

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Activities of EECBD

We already mentioned that we develop a program after studying the particular issue. Irrespective of short term and long term activity, these programs or activities can be categorized as:

Nature Orientation Initiative

Green Initiative

Capacity Building


Academic support:

Aaranyak has been offering academic support to different organizations and institutions by sharing expertise through attending training, workshop, lecture sessions, seminar, exhibition etc. It is worth mentioning that Aaranyak has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different academic institutions seeking academic cooperation. The purpose of the MoU is to develop academic and educational co-operation and to promote mutual understanding between the two organizations. Accordingly we offer academic support to such institutions.

Science Popularization:

Though it is not Aaranyak’s mandate, we are contributing for science popularization in collaboration with various institutions. We believe that by developing scientific temperament amongst different target audiences we can protect wildlife and environment.

Expertise of Aaranyak on EE:

Aaranyak has a strong in-house expertise in EE. Though the size of the educators group is small, all are well trained and experienced and received International training on Applied EE including BCC offered by well-known International Institutions.

For more about EECBD, please contact: Jayanta Kumar Pathak at jayantapathak@aaranyak.org