• Asian elephant
  • The Hargila (Greater Adjutant) army
  • Grasslands of Manas National Park
  • Ganges river dolphin
  • Lesser Adjutant Stork
  • Western hoolock gibbon

Welcome to Aaranyak

We strive to protect nature and its resources ranging from animal and plant species, forests, various water bodies, mountains, as we believe that welfare of our communities is intricately linked to pristine nature. We work to secure a future for all species that are under any sort of threat.

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We Love What We Do

We bank on scientific means, law, advocacy , community engagement, education and much more, in our endeavour to protect land, water, and climate that are vital for survival of all animal and plant species.

Preserving the Biodiversity of North East India

The efforts to leave behind a vibrant nature face a range of national and worldwide threats to biodiversity that include overpopulation, climate change and man’s quest for rapid development.

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Our Divisions

Aaranyak’s main Divisions are focused on protecting biodiversity in different arenas of the North Eastern region of India through scientific research, legal action, policy advocacy and reform, negotiations with government agencies both at the central, state and local levels and industry.

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Awards & Recognitions

Institutional Award in the Field of Science and Technology 2017

Government of Assam conferred the “Institutional Award in the Field of Science and Technology 2017” to Aaranyak.

2017 - Government of Assam

Sansad Adarsha Gram Yojana- Good Practices Award 2015 Aaranyak received the ' Sansad Adarsha Gram Yojana- Good Practices Award', from the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India during an event in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, on 24th September 2015.

2015 - Govt of India

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